Employee Recognition

Traditionally company's have used incentives in the sales and marketing area and have not placed an emphasis on employee recognition and reward programs, but in today's cost-conscious marketplace, all areas of the business must provide a return on investment. Therefore an incentive for non-sales employees is becoming the managerial tool of choice. Employee recognition programs are about changing behaviors and will assist in:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Retention
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Lack of Absenteeism
  • Customer Service
  • Employee-suggestion Programs

Promotional Products Work

If you've used promotional products before, you know their power. If you're new to promotional products, you're right to make them part of your marketing strategy. Research has shown time and again that promotional products work.

A 2004 study by L.J. Market Research clearly demonstrates that promotional products offer you advantages that may not be available in other media, such as:

  • High Recall. Customers will remember your organization long after they've received your promotional product.
  • Repeated Exposure. You'll make a lasting impression because of the length of time the promotional item is kept.
  • Favorable Impression. Customers who receive promotional items come away with a measurable more favorable impression of your organization resulting in an increased propensity to do business with you.

Sales Incentives & Loyalty Programs

"Why put an incentive program in place for my sales team when they are already on a salary with commissions?"

Simple, to encourage and reinforce positive behavior change and repeated action. Time and again it has been proven that to just pay employees a wage, they will more often than not under perform. In comparison, those employees that are positively encouraged, incentivized and provided with the necessary tools to reach sales targets will go that extra mile a business needs from their sales force, resulting in a positive return on investment.

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